Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa Senators announce upgrades to post-game traffic flow

Changes to make significant improvement in egress times from Senators games

Canadian Tire Centre (@CdnTireCtr) and the Ottawa Senators (@Senators) announced today, that in partnership with the City of Ottawa, there will be a number of upgrades to the traffic flow following Ottawa Senators games this season. These upgrades, which include traffic flow changes both northbound and southbound on Huntmar Drive, are expected to make a significant improvement in the time it takes for patrons attending Senators games in the time it takes to exit the venue.

“We’ve worked hard with our partners Vinci Park to put in place a number of measures that will dramatically increase the speed of egress from the building following games,” said Senators president Cyril Leeder. “When these upgrades are completed over the next few months, our parking experience, and by extension the entire game experience, will be that much better.”

Huntmar Drive northbound from Canadian Tire Centre

Access to Highway 417 via the north loop of the Palladium Drive interchange and Huntmar Drive overpass opened on Tuesday, Sept. 23, with a new traffic roundabout having one lane open for cars. The roundabout is expected to be open to two lanes for the Senators second pre-season game on Friday, Oct. 3.

Effective for the Senators home opener on Thursday, Oct. 16, the following traffic improvements will be implemented post-game:

– Traffic will operate with two lanes northbound along Huntmar Drive from Cyclone Taylor Blvd. across the Highway 417 overpass to Campeau Drive and around the newly constructed roundabout.

– From the roundabout vehicles will have access to Highway 417 via the Palladium Drive interchange.

– These changes will improve the traffic flow at the Cyclone Taylor Blvd. / Huntmar Drive intersection.

Huntmar southbound from Canadian Tire Centre

To improve exit times for southbound fans, a new exit is being constructed from Lot 4 of Canadian Tire Centre that will allow patrons to exit Lot 4 and proceed southbound on Huntmar Drive without merging with on-coming southbound traffic. The new exit will have dedicated right- and left-turn lanes.

This new exit from Lot 4 will be operational in late October and the following traffic improvements will be implemented post-game:

– Traffic will operate with two lanes southbound along Huntmar Drive from Lot 4 to Maple Grove Rd.

– This change will improve the traffic flow from Lot 4 as well as relieve pressure from the Palladium Drive / Huntmar Drive intersection.

For a graphical representation of the upgrades to the traffic flow, please click here:

Highway 417 widening nearing completion

In addition to the measures aimed to help egress from Senators games, the widening of Highway 417 between Eagleson Rd. and Highway 7 is nearing completion, with expected completion to come at some point in November of this year. These changes will positively impact both timing of arrival and departure of guests to Canadian Tire Centre.

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