Corporate Sponsorships

Canadian Tire Centre is the premier place to do business in the National Capital Region.

Benefits of corporate sponsorship with the Canadian Tire Centre and Ottawa Senators include:

  • Some of the biggest brands in the world have chosen to align themselves with this team and building – and many have been partners with us for more than 10 years
  • We consider that longevity to be our biggest testimonial to both what we can bring to our partners and the way that we approach working with them
  • We are the most powerful brand in eastern Ontario/western Quebec
  • We reach more than 1 million guests per year, most of whom are the most highly educated and affluent people in the region
  • We specialize in the creation of customized and turn-key programs that are designed to meet your marketing and return-on-investment goals
  • We have in-arena and media assets (television, website, publications) that can become part of a fully integrated marketing plan
  • There is no better place to entertain your best clients and customers, and build meaningful relationships with them to secure your future business

For more information about how we could work together to grow your business, please contact Martin Ballard or at 613-599-0391.