Choose from a variety of savoury snacks including burgers, hot dogs, onion rings, hand-cut fries, and Golden Palace egg rolls.
Sec. 206, 224

Freshly grilled burgers with sizzling toppings and hand-cut fries.
Sec. 119

Good ol' fashion slow and low BBQ. Choose from three barbecue sandwiches including the Official Pulled Pork Sandwich of the Ottawa Senators, Beef Brisket, and Smoked Chicken.
Sec. 220

Golden Palace Egg Rolls
Ottawa’s famous egg rolls served with homemade plum sauce
Available at Six Pints (sec. 107), TSN Grill (sec. 113), Bytown Grill (sec. 119), Burger Shack (sec. 206, 224).

Cotton candy, hand crafted beer nuts and fudge made from premium quality ingredients in small batches for optimal freshness.
Sec. 107, 205, 222

“Canada’s Cocktail” known for its distinctive, savoury flavor. From Original to Extra Spicy, when you want one you want one.
Sec. 209

Pizza Pizza slices made fresh and hot.
Sec. 105, 207, 223

A selection of fan favourites including refillable popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, and nachos. Plus Tim Horton’s coffee available at all locations.
Throughout 200 level

Your go-to-spot for craft beer and premium sandwiches. Featuring Creemore Springs, Blue Moon, Granville Island & more!
Sec. 106

Take your taste buds through a unique and delicious journey. Items include hand-rolled and toasted Signature Burritos and the new Chicken N Waffle Wacky Burrito.
Sec. 223

Satisfy your craving at the “World’s Largest and Original Poutinerie.”
Sec. 225, 205

Enjoy the game with Timbits and Canada’s favourite cup of coffee.
Sec. 105, 206

Catch the TSN team broadcasting live at the adjacent TSN Lounge. Exclusive menu items include St. Albert Deep Fried Cheese Curds.
Sec. 113