Group FAQ

Who qualifies for a group discount?

Any group that meets the minimum-order size requirement may purchase group tickets. A group can be a formal group (business, association, Girl Guides, Scouts), or an informal group of friends, family or neighbours.


How many people do we need in our group to qualify for the group discount?

Group size varies with each event, but it is generally 15 or 20 minimum.


Can everyone in my group pay separately?

No. You must provide us with one bulk payment for all of the tickets ordered for your group.


Can I order group tickets for concerts at the Canadian Tire Centre?

Group tickets are available for most family shows, but generally not for concerts.

For multiple performance shows, do I need to have the minimum number of tickets for each show I order?

This varies by show. Check with group sales to be sure.

What age does a child need to be to be admitted to Canadian Tire Centre events for free?

For most shows, children under 2 are admitted free if they sit on a parent’s lap. Check with group sales for exceptions.

What if I don’t have enough people to make a group? How can I still order tickets

All non -group tickets can be purchased through Capital Tickets or in person at the Canadian Tire Centre box office.

 Can I receive a group discount through the Canadian Tire Centre box office or Ticketmaster?

No. All group orders must be made through the group sales department to be eligible for discounts.

Can I purchase additional tickets after I have already paid for my order.

Yes, as long as tickets are still available. We will try to place your additional tickets as close as possible to your original order.

How will I receive my tickets?

They can be mailed (time permitting) sent by courier (additional charge applies) or held for pickup at our box office.

How much is parking?

For family shows, in our regular lots, parking is $7 per car. Hockey games and concerts are $11.

Do our group co-ordinator and bus driver need tickets?

Yes, if they want to watch the show. However, check to see if the show is offering any complimentary tickets for group leaders.

Can I get a refund or exchange tickets that I have purchased?

No. All sales are final once payment is received.

Can I use group tickets as a fundraiser?

Yes. Call our group sales office for details at 613-599-0210