Hockeyfest-Game On

What separates Hockeyfest-Game On from other road hockey tournaments? Each game is played on a 42.5 ft. by 100 ft. surface with FULL patented boards created by Athletic Sport Systems, and netting behind each goalie to ensure no time is lost retrieving balls. All games will be played with certified referees from local referee associations.

All divisions U9 and under will have a roster of nine (9) players (four plus a goalie) and all divisions older will have a roster of up to seven (7) players (three plus a goalie).

No matter what, each team is GUARANTEED four games and 70 per-cent of all registered teams will make the playoffs.

Hockeyfest-Game On is fully organized with the best partners in the business to ensure no details are overlooked. The registration and scheduling process allows for up to the minute updates on any delays or early starts with push messages sent directly to team manager’s phones.

Working hand-in-hand with local partners ensures ongoing entertainment and an overall positive festival experience. Music will be playing, vendors will be selling merchandise and food, beer gardens are provided for the older divisions and interactive games will be available to all ages.

For more info please visit hockeyfestgameon.com.